Dear Members,
Humble Pranams…
CA.N.N.Shanmuga Vadivel-Vice Chairman
It is both an honour and privilege to serve our fraternity, I whole heartedly thank
learned members of the Coimbatore branch for giving me the opportunity to serve
as the chairman for the year 2016-2017 of this prestigious Branch of ICAI. I am very
much delighted to occupy the position because the stalwarts have occupied this
position and have done great things to the institute in the past, with the support and
guidance from the senior members, young members, students it gives me the
confidence and belief that I can discharge my duties as a chairman effectively.
Managing Committee is planning to have monthly one day
seminars/conferences/ workshops on relevant topics /
subjects and special programmes for the young members &
women members in the coming year.
I on behalf of the managing committee request the young
members to contribute materials for the monthly newsletter
and present papers on relevant subjects /topics in the study
circle meetings.
Planning to organise certificate course on Forensic Audit,
Certificate course on Valuation, certificate course on Indirect
Tax, Certificate course on Concurrent Audit and Diploma
course on Information system Audit. We request the
members to register in advance and to help us to organise the
courses effectively.
The words of our New President of ICAI in his first
communication to the members:
“As I carry forward the legacy of the profession as its leader , I
feel proud of the illustrious journey of our profession so far.
Having ensured financial discipline in India for decades, the
profession has today emerged as one of the most vibrant
forces of socio economic growth. We have indeed come a long
way. Yet I feel , there are still miles to go. I have embarked on
my presidential journey on that note to challenge.”
We work in line with our president and vice president who are the torch bearers for the year 2016-2017 to take
the profession to the greater heights.
Iconclude with the words of the swami Vivekananda:
“Arise! Awake! And Stop not till goal is reached”.

With Regards
CA. N.N. Shanmuga Vadivel

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